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Nostalgic PBS Television Show Intros

I was a little beer battered the other night and decided to go on a nostalgic romp through YouTube for the intros to all the live action PBS kid shows I watched when I was but a wee boy. I’ve omitted Sesame Street, because I think that one’s a bit obvious. Here they are in no particular order:

The Electric Company – Hey you guys! Man, I used to love this show. Mainly because it had a live action Spider-Man bit.

Reading Rainbow – I hated to read as a kid, but I sure loved to watch this TV show about how much fun reading is!

3-2-1 Contact – Ah, science for kids. I think just about 99% of the experiments they did on this show have been band from schools now days.

Mystery! – I’ll admit that I never actually watched Mystery!, but I always thought this intro was one of the coolest damn things in the universe.

The Joy of Painting – In addition to creating some of the most amazing landscapes you’ve ever seen, this show had some killer smooth jazz in the intro.


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