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I wrote this for the OnePlanetGlasses.com WP blog. OPG sells cheap eyeglasses…well…I mean, quality eyeglasses at an affordable price 😉

OPG Blog

We are on a quest over here at OnePlanetGlasses.com to raise the intelligence of every person, past and present, by fitting them with a smart pair of affordable eyeglasses. Scientific studies have proven* that when you wear a pair of glasses your I.Q. is doubled by 19% and your opinions on politics, society, science and pop music become infinitely more valid.

For our first candidate we’ve chosen a philosopher famous for his chiseled good looks, mostly because he’s carved in stone, Plato. Plato is one of the founding fathers of modern civilization. One day, after a rousing game of chess with his good buddy Socrates at the Parthenon, Plato said, “Socrates, you know what would make this chess game much more enjoyable?”

“What?” said Socrates.

“Civilization,” said Plato.

“Right on,” said Socrates.

And thus civilization was born. Unfortunately, the masses never took Plato very seriously, because he didn’t wear glasses. “How can…

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